• HUAWEI - Mate 10 Pro campaign

    HUAWEI - Mate 10 Pro campaign

    Honza was one among the faces of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro mobile phone campaign. He also performed at the official Czech launch of the phone and even performed few tricks with this premium phone!

  • Czech Olympic Team events cooperation

    Czech Olympic Team events cooperation

    Honza has been performing and presenting at the official Czech Olympic Team events for almost 5 years. He has done several big tours with the Czech Olympic athletes around the country and hosted few big Olympic conferences in Prague.

  • Qatar Tennis Open 2017

    Qatar Tennis Open 2017

    Honza was invited and performed at Qatar Tennis Open 2017 for the whole tournament. Every day he did 3 shows for the spectators all around the tennis village and even the tennis players competing at the tournament came to watch the show! Honza was also featured on Qatar TV during the Open.

  • Adids Brazuca Ball & FIFA Trophy

    Adids Brazuca Ball & FIFA Trophy

    During the Czech presentation of the new Adidas Brazuca ball made for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Honza presented his Freestyle show alongside football stars such as Pavel Nedvěd. He also performed at the Prague`s Vaclav Havel airport at the FIFA trophy presentation.

  • Football Association of the Czech Republic

    Football Association of the Czech Republic

    Honza cooperates with FACR on regular basis, he performs his freestyle show in every fan park before the home matches of the Czech national football team. Together with Puma he also did a tour to all the football academies showing talented kids his freestyle skills.

  • Cruyff Classics Tiki-Taka collection

    Cruyff Classics Tiki-Taka collection

    Honza was chosen by Cruyff Classics brand of legendary football player Johan Cruyff for the 2014 autumn Tiki-Taka campaign, which was presented by Honza`s footbag skills. Honza also performed around Holland and in Barcelona flag store.

  • Porsche, Volvo, Nissan

    Porsche, Volvo, Nissan

    In addition to the Škoda, Porsche Hyundai and Volvo dealerships, Honza performed at the 2012 Nissan Juke-R street driving show. He also performed at the presentation of 2014 Nissan models and cooperation with the football Champions league. In 2015 he appeared in the Nissan LCV commercial along with Yaya Touré.

  • Skittles - Skittling Championship

    Skittles - Skittling Championship

    After winning the first annual Skittling Championship in 2011, Honza became the face of the Skittles brand for the Skittling Championship 2012.

  • FIBA Championships & CSKA Moscow

    FIBA Championships & CSKA Moscow

    Honza performed his shows for the FIBA World Basketball Championship 2010 and 2013. He was also joined by his team FREESTYLE UNION and they took turns during time-outs and all the other breaks as well. His shows was also seen during several CSKA Moscow play-off matches.

  • APM Hong Kong mall Shows

    APM Hong Kong mall Shows

    During the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil was Honza invited to one of the biggest Hong Kong shopping malls APM to perform his freestyle programme during the live screening of the matches to entertain all the spectators during the final days.

  • Škoda Car Show

    Škoda Car Show

    Honza's performances have impressed many big companies such as car company Škoda, which Honza represented at Brno auto show for the whole week. He also performed at several Škoda opening and family days.

  • Shred Sessions

    Shred Sessions

    Honza became a model for the most developed Footbag video game, which is able to be played online.