HW black - 8 panels - Limited fluorescent edition

Special limited edition for Honza`s 8th World freestyle champion title in 2020. Footbag is filled with sand and silicon pellets and is ideal for beginners as well as for advanced players. All the 8 panels have black base with yellow fluorescent print, which after preexposure (UV light is the best) glows in the dark. Limited edition of 300 pieces. 360° product view after clicking on the first photo.

14 € + shipping

HW edition - 2 panels

Footbag suitable for beginners and advanced players. Very good quality manufacturing. Available with 2 kinds of filling, hard silicon gel ideal for kicking or softer silicon & rubber pieces for stalling the footbag and more advanced moves.

10 € + shipping

HW edition - 4 panels

Footbag ideal for beginners and advanced players. Very good quality manufacturing. Filled with hard silicon gel rubble. Perfect for game in more players.

10 € + shipping

HW edition - 8 panels

Semi-Pro footbg edition filled with sand is ideal for advanced players as well as for beginners. The sand filling makes the stalling of the footbag easier and the well balanced filling distribution makes the sets more precise and supports the aerodynamic behaviour in the air.

12 € + shipping | By purchasing 2 and more footbags you will receive freestyle badge as a bonus!

Freestyle Union Sports Socks

Special edition of the Freestyle Union sports socks named after the well known European freestyle team. High quality sports socks made in CZ have double layer on the sole in order to ensure endurance and comfort. Ideal for feet demanding sports. Available in black or white, with FU logo and Freestyle Union sign. Sizes from EU 41 to 46. edition

8 € + shipping

Freestyle Shows Information

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Kids Coaching

Honza has been training kids in Freestyle for many years and under his leadership kids can fully develop their talent and improve much faster.

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Championship titles

Honza is 9 times World Champion and multiple European and Czech Champion in Footbag Freestyle and Czech Champion in Freestyle Football.