Jan Honza Weber, profesionální vystoupení footbag a freestyle fotbal show

Kids Coaching

Honza has been training kids in Freestyle for many years and under his leadership kids can fully develop their talent and improve much faster.

Championship titles

Honza is 7 times World Champion and multiple European and Czech Champion in Footbag Freestyle and Czech Champion in Freestyle Football.


  • "Freestyle & Travel" VIDEO project

    "Freestyle & Travel" VIDEO project


    Each year Honza chooses a unique destination for another episode of "Freestyle & Travel" video series. This time it was wonderful Maldives and again combination of marvelous nature and mad freestyle skills, which you can see in THE VIDEO HERE!

  • Mercedes-Benz Action Tour 2019!

    Mercedes-Benz Action Tour 2019!


    Honza is part of the Mercedes-Benz Action Tour 2019! The 11 stops tour around the biggest Czech shopping malls will witness Honza`s Footbag & Freestyle football skills along with the best Czech Free runners. Watch VIDEO from the show in Olomouc City!

  • Football Tournament in Caorle - Italy

    Football Tournament in Caorle - Italy


    Honza was invited to Italian Venice and Caorle to perform during the Summer Village Cup by Torneigiovanili. Honza had few shows, workshops, performance during the main resort screening of UCL finals and here you can watch part of his SHOW at the opening ceremony!

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