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Honza has been teaching freestyle lesson for over 10 years. During the time, he has lead several courses in cultural centres, cooperated with youth and child organisations, organised workshops at summer camps and schools and in 2012 and 2013 he has done two european projects co-financed from the “Youth in Action” programme, when together with his FREESTYLE UNION team Honza taught Prague how to freestyle. His freestyle classes  were awarded with a financial grant as modern and perspective activity for kids and youth by Taiwan embassy in Prague. 

Honza`s lector skills are very popular amongst football and sports camps. Honza did footbag workshops and freestyle football coaching at Sparta Prague football camp, Petr Čech football school and camps of other famous Czech football players as well as at Barcelona football academy in Qatar, where all the participants were amazed with the whole show and tricks they learned in such a short time in a very entertaining way of learning.

His coaching experience from all the mentioned activities ensure professional attitude to kids and freestyle students in general. Honza does also individual teaching session, which is great for young footballers. Anyone can learn freestyle if he or she is lead by a skillful coach.

In 2022 Honza organised already his 6th football camp "School of football technics with Honza Weber" in Prague. It took place in his partner team area - Modřany.

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Kids Coaching

Honza has been training kids in Freestyle for many years and under his leadership kids can fully develop their talent and improve much faster.

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Championship titles

Honza is 9 times World Champion and multiple European and Czech Champion in Footbag Freestyle and Czech Champion in Freestyle Football.