Freestyle Updates

Freestyle challenge with Pavel Nedved!


In the latest episode of Top4Football TV Honza challenges the golden ball award winner and Juventus legend Pavel Nedved! Watch how it went in THE VIDEO! Stay also tuned for an episode from Juventus!

UEFA Football Events


May is always full of football events. Honza had the chance to perform with the UEFA Champions League Trophy and also to host the UEFA Women`s Under-17 Championship in Czech republic. Of course the whole tournament witnessed several of his freestyle shows and footbag with freestyle football were introduced to all the girls national teams during their Players Party, where Honza performed and organised small freestyle contest. Watch the Video from the PP!

Freestyle in Morning Show on CZTV


On Tuesday 9th May was Honza invited to the most watched Morning show on Czech TV, where he performed several shows not only with footbag and football, but also with other props such as plasticine, egg and more. Watch part of the show on Honza`s YouTube channel!

Prague Football Magazine


Honza made on the cover of Prague Football Magazine. You can also find his 5 pages interview there about event hosting, freestyle and his shootings with famous football players. Read the magazine in Czech HERE ONLINE!

Honza on the cover of Sunday sport extra


Honza made it to the cover of Sunday Sport extra edition, where you will find 4 pages interview on his football career, transition to freestyle, shooting with famous football players and much more. You only have to have good Czech skill to read it. :)

Tomas Rosicky and new PUMA evoPower


In the latest episode of Top4Football TV Honza tried to freestyle with the new Puma evoPower and interviewed Puma ambassador and formal Arsenal London player Tomas Rosicky! Watch the episode HERE.

Performance at Qatar Tennis Open


Honza was invited by the organisers to perform during the first week of 2017 at the Qatar Tennis Open 250 in Doha. Every day of the tournament the spectators could have seen not only tricks with footbag and football, but also Honza`s skills with a bowling ball, mobile phone and of course a tennis ball. Honza also made it into the Qatar sports news, watch it HERE.

Czech Footbag Champion 2016 !!!


During the past weekend Honza won his 11th Czech freestyle footbag title! At the age of 30 he is also the oldest winner ever. In the same day he also managed to take 2nd place at the Czech freestyle football cup! Watch his winning performance!

Honza in Czech Olympic magazine


Honza is the host of the Czech Olympic school tour project and in the past few months he was featured on the Czech Olympic magazine on Czech TV and lately there was short report on his freestyle skills as well. You can watch the spot HERE!

World Footbag Champion 2016 in Request


Honza visited the World Footbag Championships 2016 in Trnava, Slovakia mainly as the event host and presenter, but he still managed to compete in one event called Request, which he dominated and got himself another Wolrd Footbag title!

Freestyle Shows Information

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Kids Coaching

Honza has been training kids in Freestyle for many years and under his leadership kids can fully develop their talent and improve much faster.

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Championship titles

Honza is 8 times World Champion and multiple European and Czech Champion in Footbag Freestyle and Czech Champion in Freestyle Football.